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Lizard Video is Now Up!! Current News since Sept. 25/01
Shows You Don't Want to Miss! - Inject Radio Action - New Playlist Add!
Arthur Ellis 2000 Around the World + Retail News
Facefest 2001 New MP3s Added
Lizard: The Video CD Release Party

Lizard: The Video

The webVideo  of 'Lizard' is now up!!  'Lizard', cunningly spliced together from several shows, complete with Groovy Effex by mofo.. it is a Truly Awesome Endeavour (note Canadian spelling). Next video should be done by November. Please send us your comments!


Shows not to be missed!inject

Friday Sept 28th
Purple Onion lounge
15 Water Street (in Gastown)

Inject will do three sets (the whole evening) starting around 9:30pm.

Inject uses electronic drums, processed guitar and bass, layers and layers of synths (partially provided by Koolatron, aka Fish...) and NO AUTOMATION OR SEQUENCING WHATSOEVER to create improvised, experimental and totally danceable drum&bass, breaks, trance and tech-house.

Mofo sez: I saw these guys a few weeks ago. You gotta go!

Facefest 2001
Saturday, August 18
at the Grandview Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, Commercial Drive, Vancouver, B.C.
Veronica, motorama, Zetetic, shrimpmeat, Koolatron, Evan Symons, many others

The event was GREAT! Went off without a hitch, plus there was an unannounced appearance by the new band made from former WHEELIE members. 


Airplay, etc.
CHUO-FM(89.5) - La Villa Strangiato, Univ. of Ottawa, Ontario
We've just been added to their playlist!

Promotion proceedeth apace. The CD is currently available at four stores in Vancouver and one in Toronto, and online from this site or from Do contact us if you are interested in carrying/distributing, especially in US and Europe.

We're getting airplay! The UBC station, CITR-FM, has played several selections from the album, several times! Are we excited? Yes!! Because in addition to the CDs we've mailed out to select university/college stations in Canada, we've already had requests for copies from others (US included), and you know we'll send you one, you hard-working DJ's, so e-mail us if we've overlooked your station. As our previous incarnation, Arthur Ellis, our self-titled demo and the two songs we did for the sold-out FacePlant 'Maximum Rabbit' compilation got airplay at a number of stations, including CKCU, CKLN and CJSR.

You know, most Canadian and US college stations stream live online. That means you can listen from all over the world. Please give these stations a listen and request us! Thanks in advance.

These stations are playing alphomega right now: 

CITR-FM(101.9) - Vancouver, British Columbia WEBCAST
CHUO-FM(89.5) - La Villa Strangiato, Univ. of Ottawa, Ontario ADDED TO PLAYLIST!
WYBF-FM(89.1) - The Pit, Wed. 4-8 PM, Cabrini College Radnor,Pennsylvania

We've just sent out copies to these stations:

CKLN-FM(88.1) - Ryerson, Toronto, Ontario WEBCAST
CIUT-FM(89.5) - Univ. of Toronto, Toronto WEBCAST
CJSF-FM - Simon Fraser Univ., Burnaby, BC WEBCAST
CJSR-FM(93.9) - Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta WEBCAST
CKCU-FM(93.1) - Carleton Univ. WEBCAST
CFUV-FM(101.9) - Univ. of Victoria, Victoria, BC WEBCAST
Radio Escapade
New Music Canada WEBCAST


New MP3s added

We've added some new clips from alphomega to the MP3 page. We also have a neat unreleased track from AE2K alumnus Dave Shannon that you can't get anywhere else. Keep coming back, 'cause we'll be changing them every few weeks.

Arthur Ellis 2000 Around the World!

We've been getting great response around the world. We've heard from Germany, Portugal, USA, Mexico, Netherlands and even Siberia!


CD Release Party Lowdown

A month has quickly passed since the CD Release Party at the Anza Club in sunny mid-Vancouver, the ocean is green, the flowers are multi-hued and we had a really bloody good time. Total concept gig, in that a member of Arthur Ellis 2000 was in each of the opening bands.

Especially noteworthy were the performances by all; aural webs were woven by Public Online Terminal, shrimpmeat were suitably perky *and ever-hot*, Dave Shannon's trio was Solid Rock, like I have not banged my head to righteously for a bit too long really, and my god Facepuller are da bomb (as always). Paul's sound was way solid, and Facepuller only blew one easily re-clickable (tech.?) fuse.

And then there was smoke and spooky lighting and then Puff-Braddy pulled out his giant long didgeree-doo and Fish and Richard and Dave joined in with atmospheric noodles a bit not unlike the album intro to 'Dreams of Flesh and Sand' but actually it was 'Alien to Me', and I got to like, stalk in in a super creepy alien mask Richard 'n' me made from goop and paper mache, and do the thing. Great fun. Mofo, who co-produced the whole affair, was running video plus double slide projection overlays thematically associated, and all was Good.

And then the song ended and the crowd went wild and the power went out.

We got enough power back on soon enough to finish the set (did the 'suit guy' for 'Hidden Symmetry and 'Lizard', and worshipped televisions and money in spandex & hot pants for 'Homo Consumerus'), the show went on, albeit without thematically conceptually enhancing slides, fun was nevertheless had, and bubbly was consumed afterwards (with especial gusto). Video footage survives (hooray for batteries...) and alphomega is launched!

top and Retail News

You can now get our CD alphomega online through We are also available through Scratch, Zulu Boomtown and Scrape Records in Vancouver, and Rotate This in Toronto. If you're a retailer, give us a listen and contact us if you want to carry the CD. We are also looking for distribution in US and Europe.